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Also, it’s not a matter of where you are taking photos and at what time of the day. For example, your face will look most beautiful when the sun is low, that is, before the afternoon or the evening. The sunlight will then brighten your face so that it will look velvety and there will be no sharp shadows as when shooting when the sun is high. Can you avoid a lot of sunshine, turn on the flash on the camera, so you will not have sharp shadows on the face that distort it. Do the same thing if you are in the shade of trees, and part of the sun’s air still comes to the face. 
Before taking a photo, take a little more effort (but do not overdo it). Pay special attention to the eyes and mouth, because if you emphasize them a little with makeup, the face will look more pronounced on the photo. If you want to cover up some part of the body, or make it unrealistic, make sure the clothes on that part are not bright or shiny.
Experts recommend that the lens be in the plane of the eye, but if you want your body to look more elongated and your legs longer, then it’s better if one is taking a picture in a lower position.
It’s not unusual how you stand, hold your head, which days you choose to take a photo or the height of the camera … With a few tricks you will look much more attractive They do not turn out the famous face beautifully in photographs just because they are so beautiful. Except they sometimes take photos, they know and take a pose. Depending on how you are facing the lens, you will look thinner, thicker, long or short legs, beautiful or average, beautiful or less attractive facial lines …
Watch the stars working on a red carpet, practice a perfect smile in the mirror and snap it in the picture …. Some photographic lens just loves more, and the other less, but whenever you look like an alias in any photo with or without a setting, compared to other people you’re in a photo, it’s time to take certain measures so that you do not do so often happened. Famous personalities, stars and stars, especially those who work as photomodels, know very well how to adjust to look as good as possible. Perhaps this is all very easy for you, but there are certain tricks that you can not know if you are not dealing with that interest. That’s why we have discovered a few interesting tricks for you to help you end up looking at photographs not only human but also beautiful.
People who know how to adjust, know they have to stand face to face in the sun because the shadows on the face and body can completely change the impression and expression of the face, highlight the pods, create strange shadows in the nose area, chin … You may find it crazy and stupid, but if you want to look good in photos, you have to practice poses and facial expressions in front of the mirror. If you want to laugh naturally, not lush or artificial, stand in front of the mirror and discover your most beautiful and the most natural smile. By exercising you will be able to achieve a smile when photographing you. Of course, clothing is a thing of taste, but keep in mind that in that garment that fits your figure better, you will look better in the picture. Also, if you do not feel comfortable in some of your clothes this will surely be seen in the photo – for example, when you pull your belly hard or when you are trying to hide the disadvantages of the body that your clothes wear out.

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For slimmer hands on a photo you can choose two options. Or you can hold them a little away from the body so that the upper part of your hand does not flatten and looks thicker or you can put your whole body at a 45 degree angle and your hands hang on your hips. Dark garments of the right model will not only make you more skilful in reality, but will also be the case in the photo. The darker the better the result. A hairstyle can make you thicker or thinner. Of course, it is very difficult to generalize to whom any hairstyle corresponds, but one of the basic rules is that a tall pony tail is most often embossed, while the damp hair that softens the lines of your head, neck and shoulder (if longer) gives a feeling of skinnyness.
We’ve already said that proper positioning of the body is very important when it comes to thickness. Never stand the body straight to the camera, as it will always turn out to be thicker. When you take a picture, stand upright, out of the way, stand sideways, and put one leg in front of the other, so that your toes and legs are pointing toward the camera while the weight of the foot is shifted to the other leg. We believe that there is not a single person who has at least once belated his belly when shooting. Of course, that is a very good thing, if you do not overstate it and if it is not seen in the photo. Then it can turn stupid and ridiculous. So, just belittle your belly, otherwise your first basket will be unnaturally thrown outward, and it is likely that you and your face will wear to hold your breath.